Providing a Caring, High-Touch Experience


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Patient Prescription Received

Kroger Specialty Pharmacy starts the process of filling the patient’s medication.

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Review of Patient Benefits

Kroger Specialty Pharmacy reviews the patient's insurance to begin the medication approval and filling process.

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Patient Welcome Call

Kroger Specialty Pharmacy calls the patient to explain what a specialty pharmacy is and the process of what’s to come.

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Insurance Authorization

The Patient Access team works with the physician and insurance company to get the patient started on therapy as soon as possible.

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Financial Support

A dedicated patient advocacy team assists with access to medication, copay support, and additional resources.

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Comprehensive Clinical Review

The pharmacist reviews accuracy, including indication & dosage of drug against diagnosis, discussing with the prescriber & patient as needed.

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Nursing Care Coordination

If infusion services are required, we connect those patients to a registered nurse for coordination of care.

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Clinical Consultation

The patient is connected with a registered nurse to provide disease and drug education and knowledge of what to anticipate.

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Delivery Coordination

Kroger Specialty Pharmacy coordinates the preferred delivery location, ensuring it is received when and where it’s needed.

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Continuity of Care

Kroger Specialty Pharmacy will continuously stay with the patient throughout the entirety of their medication journey. We solve problems on the patient’s behalf and provide all-encompassing care from start to finish.

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Refill management, therapy management, continuuity of care, medication delivery, and repeat.